About zame

Exdale AG was founded by Swiss entrepreneurs, Andreas Schranz and Raffael Luthiger in early 2020, with the aim of supporting assistants worldwide.

Their project called zame, which means ‘together’ in Swiss German, embodies the overall vision of the company, SMARTER TOGETHER.

The company’s mission is to inspire positive change in assistants' daily work routine, help them create time efficiencies and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

To achieve this goal, zame has been designed to facilitate the easy exchange of knowledge, creating a strong, collaborative network for both assistants and suppliers. Whether you are booking a restaurant, looking for conference venues or relocating colleagues, local knowledge is crucial to success.

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Who we are

Andreas Schranz

Andreas Schranz

With more than a decade of experience in guest relations and customer service, Andreas founded his own company, OrganiZing Swiss Services AG in 2014. His mission was to provide the highest level of service to clients, with an emphasis of supporting the backbone of their organisations – personal and executive assistants.

Andreas knows the difficulties faced daily, how much time it takes to search for reliable suppliers and how often they work against tight deadlines. No to mention communication between assistants and service providers that can often miss the mark.

Having been a supplier himself, Andreas believes better results can be achieved by working together, and this belief was the catalyst for the future.

For over 13 years Andreas has, on numerous occasions, collaborated with Huanga IT Solutions AG and together with their CEO Raffael Luthiger, they have brought that belief to life in this innovative project.

Raffael Luthiger

Raffael Luthiger

Raffael brings over 25 years of valuable experience in IT engineering to the zame team. Founding his own company, Huanga IT Solutions AG back in 2006, Raffael and his team has specialised in writing CRM software, processing digitalisation, developing and building online platforms. His expertise will provide invaluable IT support to the zame community.

Our philosophy and values

Commitment – We value the position of assistants and know how underestimated the role can be. Our goal is to change perception by highlighting the power of this position. We are also committed to make assistants’ life at work easier and help them be more successful in their role.

Quality – We have created a platform where premium services can be found in one centralised place. Suppliers listed on zame are based on first-hand experience and recommendations of network members. We treasure their influence, and the valuable part assistants play in the selection process.

Innovation – We are devoted to innovation and continual development based on the needs of our zame community.

We value the position of assistants and know how underestimated the role can be.